A Little about Us

Paw Prints has provided reliable and honest pet outings and pet sitting services for busy residents from around the Bay Area. As pet owners, we understand how pets change our lives and are a part of the home. One of the services we provide your loving pets with are balanced walks giving them mental and physical stimulation which allows us to fulfill our belief that a tired dog is a happy dog. This is one of the reasons we provide such loving care - we know your pets mean the world.

Here at Paw Prints we believe in reducing our carbon footprint by using eco friendly products such as bio degradable waste bags to pick up after our Paw Prints Family. We use all natural, organic pet wipes. The treats we use as training tools are all natural, no hormones, no antibiotics, no preservatives, no fillers, nothing artificial. We truly care about the health of our family and choose to treat them with naturally healthy treats, all included in our prices.

We take caring for pets very seriously. Each member of our staff is experienced with handling pets. We regularly go to training classes and read up on how best to work with different breeds and animals. It allows us to better interact with your pets and lets you know they're in great hands. We pride ourselves in returning your pet back into your home just as clean as when we picked them up, by thoroughly checking for ticks and giving them a quick wipe down with organic unscented pet wipes. 

We also know how busy schedules can be and though we all want to help animals in need we understand that it isn't always possible with day to day life. This is why we give back to our local shelters for our clients.  We volunteer on a monthly basis on behalf of our clients, in order to help animals in need at local shelters. We thank every single one of our clients, you are making a difference in the lives of these homeless animals.

Our Commitment

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